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“One word substitution” এক মার্কস কমন

♣ One who unduly forwards in rendering
services for others in not generally liked in society. – Officious.
♣ ‘Stagflation’ means – economic slowdown.
♣ What is the meaning of the word ‘euphemism’ – inoffensive expression
♣ Syntax means- sentence building.
♣ The words ‘boring chore’ means- uninteresting work.
♣ The word ‘anthropology’ is relate to- the
study of mankind.
♣ When a person says he is ‘all in’ it
– he is very tired.
♣ A song embodying religious and sacred
emotion – Hymn.
♣ Time after twilight and before night –
♣ The people who carry a coffin at a
are called- pallbearers.
♣ The word ‘electorate’ means- a body of
♣ Misanthropist means – a hater of
♣ First language means the – natural
♣ Hamlet means- a small village.
♣ Post mortem means- Autopsy.
♣ Sub judice means- Matter under judicial
♣ Domicile means – permanent residence
of a person.
♣ Status quo means – to maintain as it is.
♣ Swan song means- Last work.
♣ A cure of all disease is- panacea.
♣ Vertex means – Highest point.
♣ Hydrophobia is the fear of – water.
♣ Misogynist means- a hater of women.
♣ Ballad means- a kind of short narrative
♣ Tertiary means- third in order.
♣ Heptagon means – seven sides.
♣ Prime facie means- at first view.
♣ A person who rules without consulting
other- autocrat.
♣ Alien means- a foreigner
♣ Speed money means- bribe
♣ Flora means- all the flower of an area.
♣ What is the meaning of the word
‘Quorum’- required number.
♣ The word pneumatic means- filled with
compressed air.
♣ ‘En route’ – On the way
♣ The word ‘Lucrative’ means – Profitable.
♣ ‘Blue chips’ are – Industrial shares
considered to be a safe investment.
♣ When having a problem, it is best to
dissect the situation then act.
Dissect means – Analyze
♣ He showed great enthusiasm contrary to
what his supervisor had expected. Contrary
means – opposite to.
♣ A person whose head is in the cloud is
– A day dreamer.
♣ Cue – de- Sac means – Dead end.
♣Parcel means – Piece of land.
♣Ruminant means – Cud chewing animal.
♣If a substance is cohesive, it tends to –
stick together.
♣The word ‘dilly dally’ means – waste time.
♣The word ‘Euphemism’ means –
description of a disagreeable thing by an
agreeable name.
♣‘Equivocation’ means- Two contrary
in the same statement.
♣’Bill of fare’ is – A list of dishes at a
♣A ‘bull market’ means, the share price are
– Rising.
♣‘Razzmatazz’ means- A noisy activity.
♣’Blockbuster’ means- A powerful
to demolish buildings.
♣The word ‘homogeneous’ means – of the
same kind.
♣A pilgrim is a person who undertakes a
journey to a – holy place.
♣Three score is – three times twenty.
♣A fantasy is – a funny film.
♣Something that is ‘fresh’ is something –
in fairly good condition.
♣The word ‘plurality’ means – the holding
of more than one office at a time.
♣’Pediatric’ relates to the treatment of –
♣‘Boot leg’ means to- smuggle.
♣’Plebiscite’ is a term related to – Politics.
♣Many islands make up – an archipelago.
♣A speech full of too many words is –
Averbose speech.

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